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Heart, Soul And Engines

A Michigan road trip will let you exploit one of the greatest things about the United States- the fact that its geography allows people to choose whether they want snowy mountains or seaside shores and pretty much any other geographical feature you can think of.

While the Southern regions of the US offer everything from sunshine to swimming, the northern states are rich in fresh water lakes and breathtaking mountains and what better place to see the great lakes than Michigan? Hint- there is no better place :)

When To Visit

What should you know about the state, if you have the intention to go on a long Michigan road trip? Well, Michigan had been nicknamed as the "Great Lakes State" and this for a reason: it is surrounded by four of the Great Lakes plus the Saint Clair Lake. Also, Michigan is divided into two peninsulas: the Lower and Upper Peninsula.

Because of all this Michigan is a highly visited state all year long. If you are on a summer Michigan road trip, your plans can include hiking in the mountains, lakeside camping, fishing and visiting state parks and city attractions.Summertime in Michigan is always warm with occasional showers.

So, the best time to go on a Michigan road trip on summer is June to August. Winters in Michigan are cold with heavy snowfalls. People who love skiing and winter sports, visit the state from September - November to March, when the summer has gone and the cold season is coming.

Michigan Road Trip

If you plan a Michigan road trip but you don’t know where to start your vacation, here is a helpful tip- Detroit in on the top list of cities you want to visit, because it is rich in attractions, historical and cultural places that you wouldn't want to miss.

For example, there is the Motown Historical Museum, the Henry Ford Museum, just a few of the most visited places in Detroit. Another reason why people who go on a road trip here and they want to start in Detroit is the casino and gaming heaven: in Detroit there are thousands of casinos like the Caesars Windsor, Greektown Casino, Motorcity Casino, only a few of the many.

Lately though, the city of Detroit has declared bankruptcy which is unfortunate. It is still an interesting city with great attractions, just a little gloomy. We are hoping Detroit can restore it's former glory as Motown, as Motor City as fast as possible.

Getting to Detroit is easy by plane- you land at the Detroit international Metropolitan airport (DTW). As any large airport- car rentals are avaiable, as are trains and taxis to the city.

By car it's easy as well- either cross from Canada, as Detroit is on the border with Ontario, Canada (east of Detroit). Or maybe use I-75, I-94 and I-96 that enter the city that enter the city from the south west, west ot north west.

Another option is Chicago- a bigger city, with much better economic situation, bigger airport and only 285 (456 km) miles west of Detroit. You can have your Michigan road trip combined with the Illnois road trip and have a better plan.

Michigan Attractions- Things To Do And See

Did the magnificent lakes, mountains and islands attract you for a Michigan road trip? If so, be prepared to see many interesting places, tasting delicious dishes and beers.

Specific national and international cuisine and to live your Motown moment during your Michigan road trip. In helping to decide your destinations, we offer some this tourist spots list:


Michigan is a huge cultural melting pot which intersects many nations of the world. What is interesting is that even if you didn’t visit Germany you can get a feeling of Michigan’s little Bavaria.

If you plan to visit Frankenmuth in October, count on to see the Oktoberfest in Michigan with all the tasty sausages, beers, performances and parties.

You can choose from a lot of activities like horse-drawn carriage rides, riverboat cruises, fairs and gift shops with authentic artworks. Also you can visit the local Frankenmuth Brewery, which is the oldest brewery in the state of Michigan.

During your visit in the brewery, you can find out the history of the brewery, drink beer and eat local dishes.

The Henry Ford Museum

The museum is located in Dearborn, a suburb of Detroit and is named after the industrialist Henry Ford. The museum is extremely precious and interesting since many automobile collections are shown what featured in the most important historical moments of the United States.

Some pieces of the collection include: John F. Kennedy’s presidential limousine, Rosa Parks bus, the camp bed where George Washington was sleeping and others. There are also some outdoor attractions, like the Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop.

You can't have a road trip in Michigan withou looking into the man who helped make the automobile a very common thing and who actually changed the world we live in.

Long Lake

One important notice before getting in Long Lake on the Michigan road trip: must not be mistaken with the Long Lake inlands and with the Long Lake Township.

The Long Lake is located between the counties of Alpena and Presque Isle. Long Lake is a perfect check point for a pause before getting on your Michigan road trip.

Rent a lakeside cabin and spend a few days while you fish, hiking on mountains and walking in the near settlements.


Wonder why an American city has French name? Well, it was named after the French traveller Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix. The city of Charlevoix is pretty interesting and a starting point for many other tourist ways during your Michigan road trip.

With its beautiful view on the Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix, the city looks like as if it situated on the seaside. Now, you can rent a house in the city and can travel to see the nearby locations and attractions like the Beaver Island, Harbor Springs, the Ironton Ferry, Lake Charlevoix.

Motown Historical Museum

Perhaps there is no need to introduce the Supremes, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder and other huge starts who started their career in the 60s-70’s.

The today’s Motown Historical Museum is located in the building of the former photographer’s studio, which was purchased by the Motown founder Berry Gordy.

The museum is one of the most visited attractions in Detroit – due to the legends who gain their popularity with the record label Motown. A visit to Michigan must get your soul music on....get in it, enjoy it, feel the passion and rhythm of this place and state.


There are a lot of districts and entertainment sectors in Detroit which worth a visit during the Michigan road trip. It is very interesting that in a fortnight you can take a look into many cultures, beginning from the African-American to the Germans and Greeks.

Actually the first settlers weren’t Greeks in Greektown but Germans who with times decided to move down in the neighborhood, then came the Greek immigrants.

If you have appetite for the Mediterranean cuisine, just visit the district, where you can choose of many Greek restaurants. The neighborhood is also known for its entertainment: let’s dance to the authentic Greek vibe or have fun in the three casinos.


Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History

The Charles H. Wright Museum of African-American History is the largest museum with African-American type. The building serves both for the preserving the treasures of the African-American culture and the growth of it.

There are numerous exhibits and collection within the tourists can explore the actual history of black people in America. The museum also hosts the General Motors Theater which serves for presentations, films and has 300 seats.


Michigan has many locations named after their first immigrants, like Frankenmuth, Greektown and Holland. The coastal city got its name after the Dutch separatists having Dr. Albertus van Raalte as its leader who at was established the Reformat Church in America.

An interesting fact is that the trend of the bracelet ‘What Would Jesus Do’ begun in the city of Holland. Why visit Holland during the Michigan road trip? You can look into the lives and history of the European countries and immigrants.

What's Next

Michigan is wonderful. So many cultures in one place, with four massive lakes surrounding it and passion and soul from Detroit like no other. A road trip is sure interesting adventure.

This type of road trip can be combined an expanded- first, by joining Illinois and Michigan together- Chicago and Detroit together. Secondly- by crossing over to Canada- Ontario and Toronto, which is very close can give your trip a realy nice twist.

Indiana, Ohaio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are all so close, so they are all option too.

If you need alittle more ideas into the perfect places to combine this road trip with- go back to the road tip in America and explore this area of the US further.

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